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I'm Loaya Quesada

NGO Operations & Finance | Content Specialist

I've spent 20 years helping individuals and social organizations create the cultural exchange our communities deserve

  • Leadership and Community Outreach
    Entrepreneur with strong interpersonal skills used to build relationships with government agencies, businesses, community leaders, and artists and foster positive environments. Produce grant-winning proposals, secure support and sponsorships, and negotiate contracts with success.
  • Curriculum and Program Development
    Bi-lingual performance artist accomplished at developing engaging programs for children and adults and producing high-profile events. Develop curriculum, lead dance instruction, coordinate theatrical performances, and introduce art to hearing-impaired children.
  • Administration and Funding
    Administer budgets, track and report finances, and process accounting records, payments, and deposits with fiscal responsibility. Detail-oriented and organized to improve processes, direct multiple projects simultaneously, and adhere to regulations.
  • Strategic Planning and Execution
    Plan and coordinate logistics for meetings, festivals, talk shows, specialized programs, and creative performances. Direct scheduling, performers, production crews, venues, catering, equipment rentals, and ticket sales. Develop marketing and advertising plans, collaborate on design, and execute campaigns.
  • Content Specialist
    Implementation and management for product development and building, using proprietary in-house content development tools as well as major CMS computer softwares. Manage the creation and modification of digital content for individuals, organizations, and retail.
  • UX Design
    Skilled to research and define the best interaction environment to promote civic and social organizations. Capable of understanding the users' need and generate creative ideas to solve their problems through prototype designs and testing.
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Throughout the 20 years of my career, I have successfully built  strong relationships with institutions, clients, and communities in the arts and culture industry as an artist, administrator, producer and creative developer.


My collaborations with non-governmental organizations, non-profits and individuals involved in social work includes dance and theater educational programs, talk shows, festivals, conferences, music concerts and art exhibitions, among others.


CADEREO (Facebook).png

Creator & Coach


 San Juan, PR | 2022

Cadereo is the first in a series of workshops designed to explore questions about how we allow ourselves to freely negotiate pelvic movement in a system so caught up in patriarchal conversation. Through a series of guided improvisation exercises, we allow participants to share, discover and talk about their experiences as women in dance.



Performer & Production Collaborator

A Marriage of Cultures

 Austin, TX | 2019

Performed and collaborated in the organization of the spring concert for the UT Middle Eastern Ensemble, Bereket, directed by Roberto Riggio and presented as a live theatrical concert in the Bates Recital Hall of the University of Texas in Austin. 





Austin, TX | 2018

Part of the Austin Bellydance community project ComeUnity that showcased local dancers in collaboration with the legendary local music band Atash. Directed by Rania Kandil, her project presented the generational evolution of the dance in the city of Austin, TX. 


DT Promo Teaser (1).png

Show Creator & Host

Danzando Tonight

San Juan, PR | 2017

Danzando Tonight is a monthly livestream talk show that showcased local dance artists from Puerto Rico. We started this project as part of the community outreach programs developed in Almacén 63. Danzando Tonight was the first live talk show to be broadcast in Puerto Rico for digital media, focused exclusively on dancers across the island.


LaLeche Almacen.jpg

Producer & Stage Director

La Leche

San Juan, PR | 2017

Multidisciplinary arts showcase with a diversity of local artists from different fields. Created in collaboration with dancer and actor Franklyn Fuentes, La Leche had 3 successful season presentations, reaching 3 full attendance shows.


Lebanese Love Affair.jpg

Co-Producer & Logistic Coordinator

Lebanese Love Affair

Miami, FL | 2016 - 2019

Co-producer for the Lebanese Love Affair festival since 2016. This 3-day dance festival takes place during the month of March in Miami, Florida. It focuses on Middle Eastern Dance and provides 20 hours of training, a dinner show with live music and dance performances, and a closing gala with guest dancers at the Flamingo Theater in Brickell Bay, Miami.


HDB - Pic.jpg

Educational Panelist

Hablemos de Belly

San Juan, PR | 2015

Produced under the umbrella of Nailah Dance Company, this educational panel fomented conversations around cultural, political and historic topics within Middle Eastern dance. 


Founder & Community Leader

Almacén 63

San Juan, PR | 2015

Collaborated with community leaders and sponsors to establish and produce engaging, ongoing events, including art and music festivals, multimedia performance arts showcase and a broadcast talk show.



Actor & Production Assistant

Leamos Todos Juntos

San Juan, PR | 2013 - 2017

Collaborated with group director Adriana Pantoja in her project Leamos Todos Juntos, a theatrical afterschool book reading program for K-3 students that successfully exposed hearing-impaired children to new forms of art with a joyful and engaging program.


EArabe - Pic.jpg

Co-Founder & Host

Ecléctico Árabe

San Juan, PR | 2013 - 2017

In collaboration with Puertorrican dancers Diana Lee Huertas and Yesenia Rivera, Ecléctico Árabe was a monthly dance show in the center of Old San Juan. Hosted by one of the most popular tourist restaurants in the capital, our show reached over 1k individuals per presentation.



Instructor & Curriculum Developer

D'Danze Arts

Bayamon, PR | 2012 - 2017

Worked directly with Deliany Casillas, owner and artistic director of D'Danze Arts, to create a youth curriculum for bellydance, musical theater and acting. I choreographed award-winning performances and was responsible of teaching 4 weekly classes, reaching and average of 12 students per class.  

Founder & Creative Director

Nailah Dance Company 

San Juan, PR | 2010

Started building our community in 2010, and by 2014 our studio headquarters was established in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. Committed to offering women alternative choices for leisure and self-development, our program offered students to grow up to a professional level and company performance. 



Pirata Verde - Pic.JPG

Assistant Producer

Festival Pirata Verde

Culebra, PR | 2009, 2011, 2012

This 3-day music and arts festival included educational conferences and workshops on best practices for recycling and a broad weekend entertainment program.


Hafla - Pic.jpg

Co-Founder & Organizer

Hafla Belly Dance Show

San Juan, PR | 2008 - 2014

In collaboration with professional dancer and choreographer Valerick Molinary this annual dance show offered a stage to Middle Eastern artists, created a bridge of communication between studios and was a constant in the Puerto Rican bellydance community for 10 years.



Araba Café Teatro

A 5k square foot multi-arts facility in the emerging cultural district of Santurce that provided a launching stage for many local artists and events, sustaining a weekly attendance of 1K from all over PR and the Caribbean.

San Juan, PR | 2006-2008

UX Design

In 2017 I developed great interest in technology softwares to better understand and engage our communities and work spaces. As a certified UX/UI Designer, I have worked on projects that better the access to wellness and community programs through research and design. Implementing and designing content solutions to websites and social media.

Loaya Quesada
Content Management
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