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Nailah Dance Company Loaya
Nailah Dance Company Loaya

Since its beginnings, NDC has been committed to offering women choices for leisure and

self-development focused on expanding individuals' knowledge about other cultures and the benefits of dance.




When defining the problem in 2014, we discovered that the dance market in San Juan, Puerto Rico offered a variety of styles within each dance studio, but without specialization. Dance classes mostly targeted children and youth or individuals with a dance background.

Nailah Dance Company Loaya
Nailah Dance Company Loaya

NDC’s approach to health through emotional and physical skills provides modern women the tools to reconnect with their femininity and reinforce their elegance through the movements and expression of Egyptian Dance.

Defining Our Target Audience


We decided to focus the dance studio on addressing the needs of women as our target population within three specific demographics:

  • 30+

  • Individuals who do not conform to the physical standard of a dancer

  • Individuals with no formal dance background

Nailah Dance Company Loaya

Additional programs were specifically designed focused on children, women 50+ and fitness

Because Nailah wants to give every woman the opportunity to learn Egyptian Dance, class programs were designed to provide a strong foundation for subsequent learning.

Nailah Dance Company Loaya

Story of Success

Nailah grew from 3 students in 2011 to a dance company of 17 by 2016.

The studio has been featured in festivals around the United States and the Caribbean, and hosted international instructors for weekend workshops.

Shape It To Perfection

Iterations were made to both the curriculum and studio in order to offer comfort, reliability and good service. By 2016, the program was completed and has proved to be functional, still responding to demand within the population.

With the help of a professional neurologist, psychologists, dance

studio owners and students’ experiences, we created a curriculum that aimed to satisfy our customers' needs.

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Process Recap

Current Projects

Today, Nailah Dance Company continues offering weekly classes under the same format designed in 2014.

For information and class schedule click HERE.

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