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Blue Racer Technologies

software development you can trust



Blue Racer Technologies provides consulting on design systems to middle and large scale companies in the US. BRT offers solutions to increase the company's efficiencies, reduce costs, and create effective digital communications with clients.

Computer Programming


Blue Racer Technology is directed to local government organizations and startup companies in the engineering, manufacturing and finance industries.

  • Management staff between their late 30's and mid 60's

  • Professionals

  • With some knowledge of IT systems

User Goals

The main take away from the user research was that people want to feel trust in the service they are investing on.

Loaya Quesada UX



People searching for software development services want to know more about the service provider.  They are looking to address their technological needs and obtain positive outcomes within a reasonable budget.


After careful study of the software development market, we noticed that most companies advertise for costumers who have no experience on software development --people who are aware of its benefits, but do not know what they are looking for specifically.


Creating a website that clearly guides the inexperienced client would be a product highlight that will separate Blue Racer Technologies from other providers.

Our Users

Loaya Quesada UX


Website Features

Home Page




- Brief Description

- About Information


- Brief Intro

- Testimonial

- Service Description

- Prices

- Pictures

- Links

- Visuals

- Descriptions


Your page needs to offer reliable and trustworthy information that describes the service, benefits, and solutions.

Original website testing:

  • 3 out of 5 users are familiar with software development

  • Website has too many actions

  • It is unclear from the website what kind of business or service is being offered

  • It has no design structure or presentation logic

  • Service page content is unclear and vague

  • Portfolio examples are not clear for all clients

  • Need for testimonials

  • A website should build trust

  • Product is unclear

  • No option to leave contact information

  • It is not clear what company links are meant to show

After testing the prototype with 5 different users

  • 2 out of 5 users are familiar with software development

  • Product presentation is "up-front"

  • Design structure has an internal logic

  • Service introduction gives potential client direction

  • Images help users understand the information better

  • Portfolio examples are not clear for all clients

  • Need for testimonials

  • Presentation builds better trust in the product

  • Contact information page is a Plus+

Loaya Quesada UX
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